We are artisans and tailors of the made in Italy, we make sensational garments, handmade, attention to detail that become artworks of boho-lux, with a focus on recycle and sustainable.

An unprecedented art work , which was born from the bond of varistiles and genres , remaining faithful to the 'unequivocal soul of the nomadic dreamer and free traveler that is in us and that is yet to be discovered.


We make iconic garments, treating and processing the ultimate evergreen fabric: DENIM.
Our garments are unique 1/1 pieces, handcrafted by Italian tailors.
Our soul is colorful and we aim for freedom and expression of one's being.
Our main style is gypsy/alternative with applications of vintage and refined fabrics and with street and urban influences thanks to the application of studs, paints and small graffiti.


We are supporters of "Circular Economy" and Fashion 4.0, we aim to spread Slow fashion. Amoor's garments are tailored and embellished with applications of recycled fabrics, production waste and thanks to the process of "Refresh" we give a second life to vintage fabrics and discarded garments.
We pay special attention to the recovery and reuse of materials, the use of natural fabrics and handmade second-hand and handcrafted garments.
This is how AMOOR jackets are born, unique and personalized thanks to a mix of creativity, originality and each with its own identity and colorful soul.


AMOOR's mission is to give life and color to the soul, but at the core of our project is the preservation of our planet.

Firmly believing that each of us can put a little bit into theGREEN project to make a BIG difference. AMOOR's "Concept Life" is green and environmentally sustainable.